Ipad Good on 15% of Top 100 Sites

Here’s a great video about HP’s new slate or tablet device that is due to hit the store shelves soon. This Adobe rep says FLASH – which Ipad does not support, is used on 85% of the Alexa Top 100 internet sites. Which means the Ipad is useless in seeing all the content on those sites.

I’m strongly leaning toward the HP slate running Windows 7 – and any other slate that has open standards, allows me to change batteries, has a 2MP camera at minimum, and allows me to transfer over all my media files without having to worry about DRM.

And you?

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IPad? Not for Me…

I was hopeful that Apple would create something revolutionary. Instead, they created something that was evolutionary.

They basically upgraded their iPod Touch and made it bigger.

There are a more than a couple deal breakers for me:

1. No camera. This is the already-used marketing ploy so they can later “upgrade” their ridiculously named iPad to now carry a 3MP camera… when the standard is 5, and they’ll “upgrade” again later to 5MP at some point when the standard is 10MP.

2. No multitasking. Yeah, wonderful idea… no wonder the battery lasts 10 hours. If you cut the functionality out of other devices they too would run miraculously longer.

3. No handwriting? No whiteboard functionality? No Tic-tac-toe? Come on, what is the point of a “touch screen” if you can’t touch it to write on it? This wasn’t mentioned at the unveiling… does iPad have this?

4. Keyboard too small. Sorry, I’m not going to squish my fingers in and type in a restricted movement to “fit” the keyboard. Create something that works for medium sized hands – not just kids and women.

5. The rest doesn’t matter – and there is a lot more…

Already I can’t consider this device as anything special. I’d MUCH rather have a tablet notebook computer with a real operating system, graphics crunching power, USB ports, keyboard, replaceable batteries, more than 1Ghz processor, handwriting recognition, camera, etc.

I was hoping Apple would create something new… not something bigger. The playing field is now WIDE open for any decent company like HP to introduce something like the Courier, or someone to create an iPad like device with some functionality to it.

Apple failed tremendously this time. If they don’t upgrade these things soon – someone will leap-frog them.

Just give me something usable in the tablet/slate form…

Is a camera too much to ask for? Wow, an epic fail.